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SWARAJYA INFOTECH is pleased to provide you a complete social media and internet marketing solution designed to improve your brand distribution in online world as well as customer engagement and transmitting massage to key audience which turn promote sales and revenue generation.
SWARAJYA INFOTECH provides social media consulting and execution services in the following areas:

  • General Analysis and Social Marketing Integration Consulting
  • Social Media Strategy Development and Execution
  • Daily/Weekly Social Media Management Services.

Social media marketing is nothing but attracting and engaging new customers from online world and generate potential clients…. Social media is the tool to connect and share the business information among multiple people in very short span of time. Show to your friends and customers that who you are what you do, so they can share and spread your business and generate potential client to you. With Social media marketing your products/services can reach viral through many new peoples in your group and can drive your sales better than traditional marketing media.