easyGrahak | An Enquiry Management System

Does Your Organization Face Below Issues?

Enquiry Source? Do you know that from which Sources your enquiry has generated?

Client Database? Do you have proper maintained details of your client?

Enquiry Records? Do you still using Notepad or Excel Sheet for maintaining your Enquiry/Leads?

Follow-Ups Details? Do you have proper details or history of the Enquiry/Leads follow-ups?

Follow-Ups Reminder? Do you always need to keep checking follow-ups details?

Enquiry Status? Do you know what is the current status of Enquiry/Leads generated against your Product/Service?

Employee Performance? Do you know that which sales representative performance is better that other?

Meetings Management? Do you have proper management for Scheduling personal meetings and meetings remarks?

Best Selling Product/Service? Do you know that what is your best selling Product/Service in the market?

Best Selling Areas? Do you know from which area you receive more Enquiries?

Proper Reports? Do you have proper maintained reports for all generated Enquiries/ Meetings/Follow-ups?


NO ???

Then above all described points can leads to

Minimal Closing Ratio

Enquiry = Big opportunity

What is easyGrahak ?
Nowdays, every organization face issues for maintaining their all generated enquiries and its improper or unattended follow-ups can cause for Missed any big opportunity. So, after considering these common issues for all organization, ‘SWARAJYA INFOTECH’ has proudly introducing “easyGrahak” – a web-based software application.

“easyGrahak” is the simple and easy to use software tool to manage and keep tracking of the all enquiries or leads generated through various sources for your business and to overcome the complications of management those enquiries and their follow-ups and meetings in a very easy manner. “easyGrahak” has designed to save your valuable time and same time considered for cost effective solution too.

Every organization go through this issues that their generated enquiries doesn’t get recorded properly or not responded on proper time due to lack of enquiry management system or strong follow-up reminder system. To overcome on these issues and considering every clients need, ‘SWARAJYA INFOTECH’ invented one very user friendly web-based solution called “easyGrahak – An Enquiry Management System”. This system helps organizations to keep all generated enquiries at one place with their full details including next follow-ups and meeting schedule too.

“easyGrahak” helps organization to keep tracking on their best selling product/service, Employee Productivity, Best selling Areas, Client enquiry/meeting history, Analysis & Statistics, etc. “easyGrahak” is the best available solution in the market to manage your client database, enquiries, flow of follow-ups, meetings scheduling, Reminder etc.

Features of easyGrahak

  1. Web-Based Solution (24×7)
  2. Multiple Branch Operation
  3. Dashboard Display for Overview
  4. Multi User but Secured Access
  5. Product/Service Management
  6. Enquiry Management
  7. Follow-ups Insights
  8. Meeting Schedule Management
  9. Reminder Management
  10. Employee Performance
  11. Enquiry Statistics and Report
  12. Enquiry Sources
  13. Enquiry Areas
  14. Graphical Chart Report
  15. Print & Export Functinality
  16. Mobile App (Upcoming Feature)
  17. SMS & Email Integration (Upcoming Feature)

Why easyGrahak???

  1. Organized Enquiries at Single Place
  2. Enquiry Search on single click
  3. Avoid repetitive work
  4. Strong follow-ups Reminder
  5. Scheduling of Meetings
  6. Paperless system
  7. Status wise reports
  8. Help to make result oriented strategies
  9. 24×7 Online.
  10. Graphical and Chart Statistics

How easyGrahak may help u???

  1. Get Reports and Statistics of the Enquiries.
  2. Know your strong Selling Product/Service
  3. Improve Service Quality
  4. Increase Productivity
  5. Reduce Operational Cost
  6. Implement New Strategies
  7. Enhance Profitability
  8. Improve Customer Relationship
  9. Improve Communication
  10. Enquiries into Grahak
  11. Applicable to All Business Streams


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